Our Curriculum

Through the lens of multiculturalism, Wunan will promote the concepts of open, diverse and integrated education into the daily lives of young children and establish the goal of "physical and mental health, good habits, sharing, and positive learning" for young children. Through cultural education, Chinese and foreign festivals, selective courses and other special activities, Wunan strives to shape little world citizens with good social emotions, civilized etiquette, and lifelong learning habits.

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Wunan Kindergarten ensures that children are always learning in a safe environment. There are a number of staff nurses who are available at all times, and we employ our own security guards.


For details regarding student meals (including lunch and morning/afternoon snacks), please click here.

About Kindergarten

Wunan Kindergarten is a Shanghai Public Model School founded in 1949. Currently, Wunan Kindergarten has grown to three locations on Hengshan and Huaihai Road, and resides in an area near consulates. There are 12 classes for domestic students and 12 for foreign students totaling more than 500 Chinese and international students, all studying and playing together.

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The Environment

There are three campuses in Wunan Kindergarten. Wunan has indoor and outdoor sports areas、sand and water play areas、Chinese and English libraries、and an art room , as well as areas for paper, cloth, and wood crafts. A future kitchen、 science room and multicultural pavilion are also available.

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Please call 021-64330160 to apply.


Wunan Kindergarten International Division Registration Notice