Wunan Kindergarten is a Shanghai City Government Public School for demonstrating diplomacy for foreign countries. It has a very successful history springing from the union of prominent kindergartens in Shanghai, the former Shanghai Private International Chapel Kindergarten in 1949 and East China Ministry of Health in 1951. These two kindergartens merged together as a single kindergarten in 1956 to become known as: Wunan Kindergarten.

1984: One of the first schools to accept foreign children in Shanghai.

1992: Shanghai Wunan Kindergarten was selected out of 10 Kindergartens by the Ministry of Education In China as the only “Experimental Kindergarten” in Shanghai.

11 times in a row Wunan has received the award of: “National Specifications for Work in Kindergartens” by the Shanghai Civilized Organization and is the Base School for Shanghai Curriculum Reform in Kindergartens, by the Shanghai Family Education & Shanghai Teachers.

Recently, Wunan Kindergarten established three locations on Hengshan Road and Huaihai Road, an area of Consulates. There are 12 classes for domestic children and 9 classes for foreign children totaling more than 500 Chinese and Foreign children, studying and playing together.